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Gentoo users know however that this process is extremely frustrating for power users that want to live on the bleeding edge.

Even power users from other distributions probably share the same feelings, given the popularity and spread of tools like which make it possible to have quick and frequent updates.

Please read the UTF-8 article to learn how to create the proper locale.

Alternatively, if setting a locale is not preferred, then users need to specify .

Here in Gentoo land, the concept of upgrading is quite different compared to the rest of the Linux world.

It is a well-known fact that Gentoo never got in touch with the "classic" way of upgrading software: waiting for a new release, downloading it, burning to a disk, putting it in the CD-ROM drive, and then following the upgrade instructions.

Make sure to choose the correct subprofile for the system when migrating to a 2005.1 profile.

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Newer profiles might need more recent Portage versions or other software that cannot be installed anymore because the package definitions (ebuilds) for those older software versions are not available anymore.

The files in the parent directories are part of the profile as well (and are therefore shared by different subprofiles). Profiles obsoleted by new ones are kept in is put in the profile directory.

The content of this file is the name of the profile that should be "upgraded to"; Portage uses this information to automatically warn administrators when they should update to a new profile.

Ideally, users install software once and never bother with releases: just follow the instructions in A Portage introduction in the Gentoo handbook that explain how to keep the system up to date.

While that's the way things usually go, sometimes changes are made to the core system which require updates to be done manually.

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