Failed updating etrust vet engine to version validating 1959 les paul

Due to the fact that a lot of malware uses Win Rar self-extraction archives at some point, the number of false positives had been growing rapidly in this area.False positives could not only prove costly for companies if they find some 'suspicious' tools on their hard disk, but the case of the magazine cover CDs illustrates how else false positives can have a significant impact on businesses.

For example, is not a virus scanner working with signatures, but a behaviour-based product which requires a longer scan time.

One of the bigger problems is related to the fact that several AV companies release updates at least once a day or even on an hourly basis.

This means that test results become outdated rather quickly, since the PCs used for such a test - 15x Pentium IV 2.8 GHz and 15x Athlon 64 3500 - would require a couple of days to scan the whole collection, for just one scanner.

Furthermore, it looks like some signatures are simply not created properly, which causes false positives when the stub is found.

Besides this, some scanners are a little over-paranoid with their heuristics and create too many false positives if files are simply runtime-packed.

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