Florida law mandating child abuse

The social worker may visit the child in the childcare setting as part of an assessment.When the subject of the report operates or works in a childcare setting, the parents of children in the childcare may be given the subject’s name, the decision of the assessment, and a brief description of the abuse or neglect concerns, whether or not the abuse or neglect occurred in the childcare.Notification to CPS is completed through the mandated reporting process.Notification of a substance-exposed newborn should be made when: Under North Dakota law, the parents of a substance-exposed newborn will be offered a choice about the type of assessment that will result from the report.It’s a Class B misdemeanor when a mandated reporter chooses not to report suspected abuse.To fulfill the mandate, reports must be made directly to a county social service agency.County Child Protection social workers may contact childcare providers for information about a specific child, or may interview a child at the childcare facility.

Pregnant women to be reported include: If a pregnant woman has complications that indicate possible use of a controlled substance for a nonmedical purpose, a medical professional must administer a toxicology test to her within eight hours after delivery, either with the woman’s consent, or if a specimen is otherwise available, without consent.

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Childcare providers see children regularly and are in a good position to spot the warning signs of abuse or neglect.

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