Foot fetish fast meeting

She flips to her stomach and shows her REAL expertise.Her reverse footjob is well trained and nothing short of amazing.I sat on the couch, switched on TV and ordered her to massage my sweaty feet with her tongue.

We quickly sat down on the couch, undressed and started masturbating while inhaling our stinky worn flats and licking eachother's sweaty feet. Eliza's feet were delicious and they smelled wonderful.I've been looking forward to meeting @snowyarches for some time now, but we never happened to cross paths.This last trip to Florida I made sure I wasn't gonna miss her.Their aroma made me very horny and my pussy started getting wet very fast!I couldn't resist, I put my hands into my panties and started masturbating while sniffing my sweaty nyloned feet and stinky worn flats that I've been wearing all day. The wonderful aroma was driving me wild, and my tight pussy was leaking juices all over my hands.

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