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(such as Germany, France, England, USA) You can meet with them too.

They used to speak English very well and they will talk to you very friendly since you chat with them nicely.

If you live in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, or Uruguay, chances are you’re getting your date on online. There’s one thing residents of Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden have in common: they all join forces to battle the Burning Legion and defend Azeroth in the online game World of Warcraft (Wo W).

With 41,378,754 gamers playing Wo W on European servers (that’s about 1.5 million more than the number of people playing on US servers), it’s no surprise we see mostly European countries searching up a storm for all things World of Warcraft. As for Pv P, the 2017 Blizz Con arena champion team, “ABC,” also featured a European lineup with members from the UK, Norway, Finland, and France.

We’re not sure if they’re just curious if Elvis is still alive or are very concerned that Hitler might have secretly escaped to South America.

(Breathe easy—a scientific study debunked that last one.) Whatever the case, something out there is making residents of these countries concerned that things are not as they seem.

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She has a soft spot for RPGs and MMOs (hello, World of Warcraft and Divinity: Original Sin! After earning a degree in journalism at the University of Minnesota, Catherine Mc Nally has been writing professionally for 10 years.We’re just taking a look at online guilty pleasures by country—and no, this list isn’t about adult content.(Spoiler: Pakistan is the only country in love with adorable cat videos as much as we are.) First things first: We didn’t pull a Facebook to discover all these secret searches.Instead, we put together a list of topics you might type into Google when no one’s looking.Then we cross-referenced that list with Google Trends data to find out which saucy topics people in each country are most likely to search for. It’s time to dive into the World Wide Web of guilty pleasures.

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