Gamespy arcade not updating files

In 1997 Mark Surfas licensed Game Spy 3D from Spy Software, and created Game Spy Industries.

In 1999, Game Spy received angel investment funding from entrepreneur David Berkus.

The Game Spy Debriefings was a party-style discussion between editors of Game Spy and IGN Entertainment on (purportedly) that week's gaming news.However, finding a Quake server on the Internet proved difficult, as players could only share IP addresses of known servers between themselves or post them on websites.To solve this problem, a team of three programmers (consisting of Joe "QSpy" Powell, Tim Cook, and Jack "morbid" Matthews) formed Spy Software and created QSpy (or Quake Spy).In March 2004, IGN and Game Spy Industries merged, and was briefly known as IGN/Game Spy before formalizing their corporate name as IGN Entertainment.Also in 2000, Game Spy turned Game Spy3D into Game Spy Arcade and purchased Roger Wilco, and various assets from Hear Me; the MPlayer service was shut down and the Roger Wilco technology is improved and incorporated into Game Spy Arcade.

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