Gay dating ad superbowl

"The Women’s Media Center and organizations dedicated to reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice, are urging the network to immediately cancel this ad.”CBS is reportedly standing by their decision, and producers said they would consider accepting any other "responsibly produced" advocacy ads for broadcast.

They say they’re about family, but only if it’s their style of family.CBS, for its part, said its policy of not accepting Super Bowl ads from advocacy groups has shifted in recent years.“Focus on the Family is using the Super Bowl to fool Americans into believing that their agenda is not controversial when it actually is,” Jehmu Greene, WMC president, said on “Fox & Friends” this week.On Wednesday, the network announced that they had approved a pro-life commercial starring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, funded by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, to air during the game.“CBS’s recent decision to air an anti-choice advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV was outrageous,” a rep from advocacy group The Women’s Media Center said.“Even worse is the network’s about face from its own policy of rejecting controversial Super Bowl ads.

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