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My pause here is for the purpose of saying that it is at this point in my discourse that a great hue and cry typically arises from Jews and their shabby goy factotums, generally consisting of a collection of the most powerful of modern-day anathemas: 'bigot', 'hater' and 'anti-Semite' to name just three.

These are what I call 'shut-up words', i.e., words intended to intimidate the speaker and silence his further comment.

But the curious thing about shut-up words is that - like so many other lies to which the Jewish Establishment has given its imprimatur - they are constructed out of hot air.

For example, consider bigotry: As Ambrose Bierce in his Devil's Dictionary put it, a bigot is 'One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion which you do not entertain'.

But Dr Toben's heroism is of a special character because he is willing to stand against what is perhaps the most formidable power in the world, and to speak truth to the grand lies which that power supports.That power is what I call the Jewish Establishment - the men and women who command the organisations - and most importantly, the money, power and prestige - of the international nation of Judah.As a philosopher, I wish now to pause and comment on what I have just said - somewhat after the fashion of Laurence Stearne in his famous pathbreaking seventeenth century novel Tristram Shandy This pause is necessary because of the peculiar difficulty of speaking about Jews, and particularly their power and influence, especially when it is spoken of in a negative light.Contents List of Illustrations vii Foreword xvii Preface xxi Introduction 1 A 36-day Revisionist Adventure 2 Auschwitz in Australia?57 Australian Speaking Tour, 24-31 January 2000 60 * Diary 2000 - Dr Toben's return to Africa, Europe, America and Oceania 73 Chapter 1: Departure from Australia 74 Chapter 2: Africa 104 Chapter 3: Europe 153 Chapter 4: The Americas 199 Chapter 5: Australasia 285 si- Chapter 6: The Hayward File 331 Chapter 7: Greetings from Holy Mashhad 360 Chapter 8: The Intifada in Perspective 375 Chapter 9: Authentic History and the First Amendment 391 Chapter 10: There Never was any Holocaust 407 Chapter 11: The Finale from a Professional 409 Chapter 12: New Zealand Revisited - 2001 415 Chapter 13: Anniversary of Auschwitz Visit 437 Chapter 14: Australia's First Revisionist Conference an Outstanding Success 478 Chapter 15: Revisionist Activism in Australia 506 Chapter 16: Richard Wagner and the HREOC 515 V Chapter 17: British Historian David Irving 'sinks the Auschwitz' 527 Chapter 18: Anthropological Revisionism 553 Chapter 19: Trieste Conference, 2001 563 Chapter 20: Moscow Conference, 2002 583 Afterword: On Holocaust Revisionism: Some Basic Arguments and the Political Implications 599 Appendix A: 2000 Appeal Result 630 Appendix B: Statement by Vartan Oskanian 649 Index 655 vi List of Illustrations Fredrick Toben and Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, Washington Front Cover Documentation relating to Fredrick Toben's travels Back Cover An Ode to the Noble Soul xiii My parents' guide for a wholesome life xiv My parents xv With my parents xv The Oxford Summer School, 1974 xvi A Michael Leunig cartoon, 2002 xvi Sir Karl Popper xli With Professor Konrad Lorenz xli With Professor Werner Heisenberg xlii Hans Werner Woltersdorf xlii With Professors Elisabeth Walther and Max Bense xliii Celebrating final studies with student colleagues xliii With friends after being awarded my Ph. xliv Visiting Albert Speer in Heidelberg xliv With Professor Eberhart Jackel in Stuttgart 45 With Dr Lavinia Merz-Forster in Stuttgart 45 With Pastor Manfred Junger 46 With Mrs and Ms Theo Wink 46 With Lisbeth Grolitsch 47 With Paul Fromm in Toronto, Canada 47 With Richard Widmann in Washington 48 Andrew Gray at the Cosmos Club, Washington 48 Dana Alvi, Los Angeles 49 Dr Michael Shermer, Los Angeles 49 The people's car takes over a noted British institution 50 The Sydney Quarantine Station 50 The arrival point at the Sydney Quarantine Station 51 vii The 'gas chamber' at the Sydney Quarantine Station 51 A fumigation area in the Sydney Quarantine Station 52 Washroom building at the Sydney Quarantine Station 52 Shower area at the Sydney Quarantine Station 53 For fumigating clothes at the Sydney Quarantine Station 53 A laboratory at the Sydney Quarantine Station 54 The Sydney Quarantine Station mortuary 54 The Sydney Quarantine Station hospital 55 Graves at the Sydney Quarantine Station 55 A residential area at the Sydney Quarantine Station 56 A splendid view at the Sydney Quarantine Station 56 Kalgoorlie 65 Open-cut mining 65 Two Icebreakers, Perth 66 The Indian Ocean 66 The Northern Territory and Queensland border 67 Our army 67 To Arnhem Land 68 Bond University on the Gold Coast 68 Adelaide Institute supporters in Brisbane 69 With Richard Krege and a python, Brisbane 69 Charming a python, Brisbane 70 Handling a python, Brisbane 70 En route to Alice Springs 71 On top of Ayers Rock (Uluru) 71 Climbing Ayers Rock 71 Pro Hart with his Rolls Royce 72 Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa 145 With Dr Claus Nordbruch, Pretoria 145 With Claus Nordbruch and our latest publications 146 With Jaap Marais, Pretoria 146 The president's palace, Pretoria 147 The new emblem on the president's palace, Pretoria 147 Meeting Parkamile Kenneth Mankahlana 148 With Ian Smith, Salisbury, Rhodesia 148 With Ian Smith, Harare, Zimbabwe 149 Paddy, my best man at my 1980 wedding 149 With Paddy and his family and our friend Jean Cooper 150 Yvonne and Rene, Paris 150 With Eric, Weinheim, Germany 151 viii With retired General Gerhart Schirmer, Germany 151 With Ralf Meyer and a friend, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany 152 With Andreas Rohler, Berlin 152 With Michael Santomauro, New York 269 New York is never boring 269 A free Sunday concert in New York 270 Living in a Manhattan apartment 270 The USA Congress, Washington DC 271 Protesters outside the USA Congress 271 Michael Piper-Collins challenging the protesters 272 The USA Supreme Court 272 Meeting with the editorial board of The Spotlight 273 With John Bennett and Lila Mcintosh, Irvine 273 Jiirgen Graf 274 The speakers for the 13th IHR international revisionist conference 274 Marc Lemier 275 Jiirgen Neumann 275 Robert Faurisson and Jim Beardsley 276 Ron Gray 276 Greg Raven 277 Mark Weber 277 Arthur Butz 277 Ernst Ziindel 278 Fredrick Toben 278 Theodore O'Keefe 278 Bradley Smith 278 Robert and Elda Countess 279 John Bennett 279 David Irving 279 Peter Mc Kloskey 279 Charles Provan 280 Robert Faurisson 280 Germar Rudolf 280 John Sack 280 Glayde Whitney 281 Ingrid Rimland and Ernst Ziindel 281 With Arthur Vogt, Jiirgen Graf and Russ Granata, Mexico 282 At Elizabeth and Willis Carta's home 282 With Gene Pitney, Melbourne, 1963 283 Meeting Louis Armstrong, Melbourne, 1963 283 ix Meeting Roy Orbison, Melbourne, 1963 284 The Big O on stage, Melbourne, 1963 284 Fire-fighting duties during my university student holidays 319 A fire-fighting camp in Victoria 319 Dangling on a tree in Victoria, 1965-66 320 Part of the Forest Commission's Mobile Support Crew, Victoria 320 Fredrick Toben in a Commer van in the Grampians, 1965-66 321 A cartoon about Fredrick Toben' s fire-fighting duties 321 My home at Lumsden, New Zealand, 1968 322 The final steam train leaves Lumsden Railway Station, 1968 322 The staff of Lumsden School, New Zealand 323 My Form 4B class at Lumsden School 323 My Form 4A class at Lumsden School 324 With the soccer squad at Lumsden School 324 'Puss' in New Zealand, 1967 325 'Puss' in New Zealand, 2000 325 A love of poetry 326 Poetry readings in a cemetery 326 A student prank at Massey University, Palmerston North 327 Dr Joel Hayward's office at Massey University 327 The Wanganella and the Manapourie Power Project 328 The Manapourie Power Project, New Zealand 328 Overlooking Deep Cove, New Zealand, 1969 329 Deep Cove, 2000 329 Yvonne Sharp at the end of the world 330 At Christchurch, New Zealand 330 Welcome at Tehran 371 On Iranian Air heading for Mashhad 371 After dining in Mashhad 372 With Dr Khaji at the conference centre 372 An Iranian advertisement for the conference, Mashhad 373 The conference banquet 374 Conference delegate card 374 Adelaide Institute's International Revisionist Symposium, 1998 559 With Richard Wagner's great-granddaughter, Adelaide 560 With Max Tompkins and Albert Bensimon, Adelaide 560 With Wagner's great-granddaughter and Richard Hornung 561 With Christopher Steele, Doug Collins and David Brockschmidt 561 'Mungo Man' was found in western New South Wales 562 Near where 'Mungo Man' was found 562 X Newspaper report of the Moscow Conference 595 With Eugenia Marjanova, Moscow 596 A departing present from Eugenia Marjanova 596 A plea for fathers' temperance in Russia 596 Professor Kalinnikov, Konigsberg 597 Immanuel Kant's tomb, Konigsberg 597 Memorial to Immanuel Kant, Konigsberg 597 Immanuel Kant's statue 598 Immanuel Kant's statue 598 Alexander Balabajev, Kalinningrad 598 xi xii Foreword ***** Dr Fredrick Toben is a hero for our times.

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