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From 1992-1994, she attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, majoring in international affairs but decided to change her career path after taking a graphic design course.

In 1994, she obtained an internship at MTV in New York City.

However, Genevieve Gorder’s married came to a halt.

It’s like people say that marriages can end or break at any stage, and the TV host's life reflects precisely that.

The series was a personal look at what it is to be a designer, and a reverse client as she designs for herself and her daughter. This eight episode series featured Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer working together to help Airbnb and VRBO hosts redecorate and market their rental properties.

Marriages are something that can last a lifetime, and most are destined to last that long.

The show featured Gorder solving design problems, in-person, for people who had written in to the program.

She appeared in 25 episodes of HGTV Design Star between 20.Such was the case for Genevieve, and her boyfriend turned husband, Christian.The dated for less than a year and knew they were right for each other and got engaged.She has always explained that her preference for working barefoot was in order not to ruin shoes, and not for comfort reasons.In addition to her role on Trading Spaces, she was a designer for a spinoff show, Trading Spaces: Family.

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