Halo updating problems

I wasn't on Tuesday evening, but today (Wednesday) all day I've been getting lag in matches where players would keep walking into walls, the killfeed would disappear, and then snap back into action where I'm almost always killed during my lag-out. Seems quite problematic, because to put it plainly you have weeks not months to fix this issue before all of us who bought in early ditch you and never return. Be a real software company, and stand by your product. Went and purchased a brand new netgear n750 thinking it was my older wireless router...nope!! Just wanted to mention, I was still having persistant lag issues tonight playing co-op with a buddy.Also a Time Warner Cable customer here, speeds are 30 down, 5 up. Can't seem to edit my post, so sorry for the double post, but typo'd above and meant to say "It wasn't lagging on Tuesday evening". It also should be said that stating that the multiplayer has been rock solid until now does nothing..... Don't tell me its my problem after you have my money..... I have ultimate internet with TWC 50Mb down and 6 up. Turned off Up Np and port forwarded all live ports.. So while I was lagging in/out continously (lol) I browsed the net and someone suggested changing my DNS to Google DNS or Open DNS.Bravo has responded to a thread on Reddit confirming that 343i are aware of the issues, and that their networking engineers are working to determine the root of the problem.No news yet on what exactly the cause is or when we can expect a fix, but at least we now know that they know there's a problem and are looking into it. If you're seeing any lag similar to this and are able to assist with some info, please consider posting to this thread, where we're tracking this issue with the below info, as we have network engineers combing (insert Spaceballs GIF here) this thread to determine exactly what's occurring here and what types of changes can be made to improve.And if it works, If we had a splitscreen or a lan option, everything would be fine.Is there any solution for this problem and are there other people with these issues?The game is really entertaining, so I hope there is a solution for this problem...otherwise we spend 65€ for nothing Very disheartening, I tried 15 matches 13 of which were severely lagging.

Please fix this very soon I have been waiting to play multiplayer for a long time. Every time I join a match, I'll come in a few seconds late.I have only been able to play a few matches of warzone and arena because of this.I cannot connect to online features : warzone arena, spartan customization and custom games.Then, after about 5-10 seconds of playing normally, it will look like everyone else is running into walls.After a few moments of that, I'll either lag skip to a different location or get melee'd by someone. My connection is 24 down and Battlefield 4 plays perfectly fine.

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