Helen fisher dating site

A few years on, her latent curiosity was crystallised at graduate school: “I thought to myself that if there’s any part of human behaviour rooted in biology it would be our reproductive strategies.Things like the way we court and how we find a mate, who we choose to marry and how long our relationships last”.

For the dualistically-inclined Frenchman, our central nervous system acted like a hydraulic machine, channeling information to and from the brain.Unravelling the secrets locked away within our cerebral recesses has represented a mighty task.Yet with the advent of neuroscience, and the technology at its disposal, we now find ourselves in an unprecedented position to start demystifying our grey matter.Trained as a biological anthropologist, Fisher is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to the brain ‘in-love’.Currently acting as a senior research fellow at Indiana’s prestigious Kinsey Institute, she’s also published a slew of academic texts and held a handful of engaging (and well-viewed) TED talks.

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