How much age difference in dating dating busty women

We don't want you to have unrealistic expectations.

If you are in your late 50's or 60's, you must not expect to find an 18-year old single girl.

But later on in life when the couple gets progressively older it becomes more of a problem because the older spouse eventually gets into health and energy issues that the younger spouse often finds too troublesome to deal with in their own stage in life.

When meeting married couples with big age difference, we wonder, why a young beautiful lady loves a man who could be her father or even grand father and has his best years in the past?

Many wonderful, attractive ladies in their late 30s or 40s will be eager to make your acquaintance. In special cases if you are very good looking, or very intelligent/rich/famous, you can make it with an age difference of 25-30 years or more. If your aim is a lifetime commitment, be sure to take age issues into consideration.

This fact impresses everyone around and it flatters the man.Usually, in these conditions a man has managed to get some life experience and he is more responsible concerning relationships and marriage.Couples with a 5 years age difference usually have more children.According to Ukrainian culture, a woman should be married and have children; being single is a shame or weird.Any woman who is unmarried at the age of 22-23 is considered as "old maid".

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