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(November 2009) When I first covered Mi Kandi, the store only had one adult application to offer.

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Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

Currently, most Android phones lack front-facing video cameras, and no Google-designed equivalent to Face Time -- such as a Video-enabled "Talk" app for Android currently exists, although webcam-enabled GTalk desktop clients have had video capability for some time now.

The recently released Sprint EVO 4G is one of the few Android handsets to include a front-facing video camera.

Obviously, due to Apple's stringent policies towards adult content in their App Store, you'll never see anything like Mi Kandi or on an i OS-based device like the i Phone 4.

Certainly, there's nothing to stop you from using Face Time to do "Sexy Time" in the privacy of your own home, but the chances of seeing monetized or 3rd-party private video chat apps on that platform for adult-oriented use is next to zero.

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