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His main objective on the show is to get laid, a very noble goal for someone on The Real World, however we’ve already seen his game and while the cast members brush it off as lame I think he has a good chance to get women with the whole funny guy/complete geek act he has going as he doesn’t go overboard with it. Drama level: Low – He’ll walk around DC in that Panda hat, try and make funny jokes, and perhaps say something inappropriate to a cast member or woman- but he’s a wannabe lover- not a fighter.Ashley Lindley 22 – Houston, TX The first cast member to be introduced, we are told that she’s a big fan of Barack Obama and was a delegate in the 2008 election.Emily Schromm 20 – Columbia, MO Wait she’s only 20?

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Drama level: Low – I don’t think she’s going to be starting any fights but she’s already shown a liking to token hot black guy Ty.I caught the first episode at the Metromix Premiere Party over at Black Finn.There I met up with Suburban Sweetheart and Emily Goodstein and watched the first episode with members cast and other members of the media.The shutterbug from San Houston State not only looks good in front of the camera but loves to take photos behind the lens as well.She’s a vegan and we are led to believe that she’s somewhat conservative (even though she’s told me that she’s socially liberal.) Drama level: Low – Her personality doesn’t really stand out too much and I have a bad feeling that she’ll be easily overshadowed by the bigger egos in the house.

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