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Speaking about being cast on the show, Hines has said that "Until Curb, I’d done small roles, really small roles. Her 2009 directorial debut Serious Moonlight stars Meg Ryan with a script by the late Adrienne Shelly, Hines' co-star in Waitress. The series was short-lived lasting 5 out of 7 episodes due to low ratings.

and Cheryl Hines Robert Kennedy Statue Bust of John F Kennedy by Robert Berks in the Kennedy Center Memorial from Washington District of Columbia USARobert F.

Cheryl Hines is finding out the hard way that no matter what she does to win over Robert F. The couple went public with their relationship in early 2012 and a few short months later Bobby’s then-estranged wife, Mary Kennedy committed suicide. 23rd print edition of National Enquirer his 4 children will never accept Cheryl and go so far as to call her “Buzz Kill” whenever they are forced to attend functions with her.

The kids love their dad but they despise his girlfriend just as much and they actually go out of their way to avoid her.

There have been a lot of stories over the years about how hard it can be to win over members of the Kennedy family, ask Taylor Swift.

Dating a Kennedy is damn near impossible because if the family doesn’t like you, eventually you’ll be gone.

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