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But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up.

She still needs a truly great song– which, despite the best intentions of everyone involved, “Road Less Traveled” is not– to prove her mettle as an artist and to break even further through country radio’s gender imbalance, but Lauren Alaina remains an act with considerable untapped potential.

She still struggles with breath control in ways that disrupt her phrasing– the way she leaves the final word hanging when she sings, “the road less traveled on,” in the last line of each chorus, for instance– but there’s even noticeable improvement in that regard here as compared to her previous singles.

Still, when so many other acts on country radio should never set foot behind a microphone at all, Alaina’s areas for improvement are relatively minor.

The great irony of Lauren Alaina’s “Road Less Traveled” is that the song’s lyrics rely entirely on clichéd images and turns-of-phrase while attempting to empower individuality and personal expression.

From threadbare lines about dress sizes and kicking up gravel to well-trod territory about marching to different drums and trusting one’s “rebel heart,” there isn’t a single novel idea in the song.

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