Is puffy dating jlo

So, fans were surprised when Lopez and Anthony separated in 2011.Their divorce was finalized in 2014, and though Lopez has hinted that the dissolution wasn’t always amicable, she’s also shown some serious love for her ex.

It may seem like ancient history, but once upon a time — before Kimye and Brangelina — it wasn’t commonplace for us to create portmanteaus for celebrity super-couples. From the moment Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced their romance, the two A-listers became the subject of intense media scrutiny.The former couple was photographed hanging out together at a mutual friend’s party in February 2017.Jennifer Lopez says Diddy privately apologized to Alex Rodriguez after he left a thirsty comment on the singer's Instagram. The house that Barry Gordy built was home to soul, jazz and R&B, while J.Their union was short-lived — Lopez and Noa divorced in 1998.Lopez hasn’t made too much of a fuss over her first marriage, nor has she revealed many details about why it ended.

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