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Sean Flynn might be dating low key or may have a secret relationship with her partner, but no details have hit the web on her relationship. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.Zoey Brooks-Jamie Lynn Spears Dustin Brooks-Paul Butcher Michael Barret-Christopher Massey Quin Pensky-Erin Sanders Logan Reese-Matthew Underwood Chase Matthews-Sean Flynn Lola Martinez-Victoria Justice Stacy Dilsen-Abby Wilde Mark Del Figgalo-Jack Salvator Jr Nicole Bristow-Alexa Nikolas Sean Flynn left zoey 101 because of his studies (education), some people think that he left to stay away from Jamie's pregnancy 3 stars have left the show because of Jamie and brittney Ps: I really miss that show Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey)- Age: 19 Alexa Nikolas (Nicole)- Age: 18 Austin Butler (James)- Age: 18 Matthew Underwood (Logan)- Age: 20 Erin Sanders (Quinn)- Age: 19 Sean Flynn-Amir (Chase)- Age: 20 Christopher Massey (Michael)- Age: 20 Victoria Justice (Lola)- Age: 17 Paul Butcher (Dustin)- Age: 16 Kristin Herrera (Dana)- Age: 21 The actors and actresses for the main characters of Zoey 101 (the whole show) are: Zoey Brooks: Jamie-Lynn Spears. Jamie Lynn Spears The 28-year-old actress recently responded to reports Nickelodeon are planning to reboot the programme - in which she played titular character Zoey Brooks - after a 10-year break and admitted she would be open to reprising the role.No, Jamie Lynn Spears, is dating and is 12 weeks pregnant by Casey Aldridge. No, Jamie is dating and is pregnant by Casey Aldridge. no they aren't dating, she is dating some 19 year old named casey and as for him, he is dating Erin sanders as of 2010. Jamie Lynn is curentlly (since February 2010) single.It is unknown if Sean Flynn and Jamie Lynn Spears dated.

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It most likely would have been awkward if they would have dated. Logan Sean abby wilde................................ Stacey jack salvatore jr....................[quinns boy friend The cast members of Zoey 101 are Jamie Lynn Spears who played Zoey Brooks, Paul Butcher who had played Dustin Brooks, Sean Flynn who had played Chase Matthews, Kristin Herrera who was Dana Cruz, Zoe Keller who was Courtney, Jennette Mc Curdy who was Trisha, Ben Perry who was Lance Rivers, Stephen Lunsford who had played Greg, Erik Walker who had played Keith, Allison Scagliotti who had played Stacy, Miranda Cosgrove who had played Paige Howard… Here is the cast of zoey 101 (the main) Jamie Lynn - Spears plays Zoey Brooks Paul Butcher plays Dustin Brooks Christopher Massey plays Michael Barret Erin Sanfers plays Quinn Pensky Matthew Underwood plays Logan Reese Sean Flynn plays Chase Matthews Kristin Herrera plays Dana Cruz Alexa Nikolas plays Nicole Bristow Victoria Justice plays Lola Martinez Finally Christopher Murray plays Dean Rivers Hope this Helps, No' 1 Zoey 101 fans!!Discover, how much money does Sean's have in this year. All information about his private life is hidden or stays unknown, so it’s difficult to say if he has a wife or children.Former teen actor who played Chase Matthews on the hit Nickelodeon series Zoey 101. Sean Flynn's primary income source is being a successful TV Actor. He co-starred with Jamie Lynn Spears and Paul Butcher on Zoey 101.It most likely would have been awkward if they would have dated.I am assuming not, because otherwise it would have been in teen magazines and the media. (Only there for Season 4) Nicole Bristow: Alexa Nikolas.

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