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According to a statement from the president's office Sunday, “President Maithripala Sirisena, under Emergency Regulations, has taken steps to ban from tomorrow (April 29th, 2019), all forms of face covers that may hinder one’s identity been ascertained, as a threat to national security and public safety.”“This directive specifies the need for one’s face been clearly visible for ascertaining their identify as its main criterion.

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While some Islamic organizations prefer determining the new month, and thereby the new year, by local sightings of the moon, nowadays, many Islamic institutions and countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, follow astronomical calculations to determine future dates of the Islamic calendar.

Muhammad was forced to lead his people from Mecca to Medina and this pilgramage is known as the Hjira.

The first month of the new year, Muharram, is considered to be the second most holy month of the Islamic calendar, after Ramadan, during which a month-long fast is undertaken by practicing Muslims.

Meanwhile, the churches in the country remained closed Sunday forcing Christians to pray in private.

The head of Sri Lanka's Roman Catholics, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, expressed concern over the official probe into the attack, fearing that it might become a “flop.”"There is a certain amount of suspicion among our people that there will be no more follow-up, only words...

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