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Ever since the 9.3 patch I have not been able to play this in 3D.Pls read this and i hope you will fix it too (soon) thanks .Before the update 3.7, when u enter a match it will only take a few seconds or minutes and now I'm waiting for 2 to 4 minutes and by that time my entire team is engaging the enemy and just because 1 tank didn't show up it causes the team to cripple cause lack of teamwork.

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Tried playing a round and nothing renders well eg: trees aren't green but white with purple dots [pixelated} I use an i pad air 2 when i was playing the game in the map canyon a t 54 enemy flew in the sky like i think i heard an explosion then he just came flying up then crashing down then dying resulting in our victory also in my current tank vk 36.01H when i go to the research it says 45k for the tiger 1 but when i click the research for tiger 1 its only 25 k .

However, if I select a recently played tank and go to its individual WN8 page it will "recalculate" and then show the new value in the tank list.

Thanks, Slartybartfest Error: Cannot parse json file.- Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Many battles dropped, M41 90 wasn't correct, but this morning it isn't showing at all.

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