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Conversely, while a spin noise of 74d B isn’t super-quiet by modern standards, that output happens only infrequently as the motor accelerates to 1400rpm.As soon as the machine gets to top speed, the output settles down to a much more impressively quiet 67-68d B Our only other noise note was a strange gurgling coming from the soap drawer on pump-out.The small flap that hides the pump-filter has a finger-hole and simple plastic clip compared to all-metal roller catches on Miele’s upmarket models.While the WDB020 has what initially looks like a complex LCD panel, fear not.

Miele is famed for its premium appliances, but can the more affordable WDB020 deliver the same performance and quality?This is an A energy rated 1400-spin machine with Miele’s innovative Cap Dosing system – yours for under £650.The WDB020 has much of the quality of Miele’s top appliances, delivers great wash results and is simple to use.That’s fairly small compared to many competitors at this price point.Many promise up to 10kg loads at this level, and the Miele’s porthole door is equally compact.

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