Lap dances dating

I made it very plain when he brought home a Playboy magazine, "you want to get excited? You don't get excited from picture and then expect me to finish up the job." Cheating?? It is not sex, it paid-for, and it is a form of fantasy. While I don't think it's cheating, I do think a woman can set her own standards in what she will accept in a partner...

and if she doesn't want one who likes the clubs or other forms of erotic entertainment, especially hands-on erotic entertainment, I think she has every right to demand that in a partner.

I don't really mind all that, but he also says he sometimes gets lapdances, which I told him I'm not cool with if I'm in an exclusive, monogamous, relationship with someone.

I have no problem with strippers, but I am not OK with lapdances while in a relationship as a personal boundary, esp because i live in a state with REALLY lax laws about that kinda stuff so the strippers here are fully nude, and full contact--even touching--is allowed. I actually confirmed this with a close friend who is a stripper.

In fact the more you try to control or be possessive about your partner, the more rebellious they become & tread away from you.And I don't see what difference it makes whether it was paid for or not.It's still getting some sort of sexual gratification from someone who is not your significant other.I would ask, anyone who participates in such behavior, how would you feel, if your wife was doing the same thing?To me, something like that is disgusting..unacceptable.

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