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During the heyday of the Big 5, many major college programs, especially in the northeastern United States, were independents.As the Big East and Atlantic 10 conferences expanded to cover most of the Northeast (Villanova joined the Big East, while Temple, St.Joseph's, and La Salle joined the Atlantic 10), and as college basketball became increasingly driven by television and its need to appeal to a broad national audience, the local character of the Big 5 was a liability. However, in 1999, the Big 5 round-robin series was revived and has continued to this day.Some things have changed from the series' heyday: the schools no longer evenly split the proceeds from the games, and La Salle, Temple, St.

The Explorers (22-3) didn’t seem to have any jitters, but their first quarter start was one they’d certainly like back.

Big 5 schools represent some of the oldest and most successful men's basketball programs in the nation.

Four of the five teams—Temple (5th), Penn (20th), Villanova (23rd), and Saint Joseph's (40th)—are in the top 50 for all-time Division I basketball victories.

The governments consist of La Salle, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Saint Joseph's, and Drexel University instead of Villanova.

Drexel has representation instead of Villanova since meetings primarily revolve around Philadelphia issues.

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