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In the sports hut, Lisa, Cracker, Tom and Matt have all written a dare and forfeit on a piece of paper, which are then placed in an envelope.

Tom explains that the person who draws the shortest straw, has to do a dare and if the dare goes wrong or they chicken out, they have to do a forfeit.

As Alec goes upstairs, Lisa runs down the stairs and throws a plate of custard in Alec's face and Lisa tells Tom and Matt to run.

Alec chases after Lisa, Matt and Tom, who all outsmart him with confusion.

Lisa advises him to leave it, but Tom is determined to think of something and arranges to meet at break.

Tom selected the short straw and selects a dare but Lisa asks to look at it as Tom picked his own dare by folding a corner down.

Lisa believes Tom did the only sensible thing and Lisa asks Cracker and Matt not to have a go at Tom on Monday.

Tom tells Lisa that they have to get Alec, but Lisa is adamant that she isn't taking part in anything violent and Tom says he's blown that option.

Cracker passes a note around the Art class, saying Tom is going to fight Alec and Lisa wonders why Cracker told everyone. On the way to the boxing match, Lisa says to Matt and Cracker they should be talking Tom out of fighting and Tom tells Lisa that if she doesn't like it, then she doesn't have to watch. A few days later, Lisa meets up with Cracker and Matt and she says Tom said he couldn't come out as he said he wasn't feeling well.Matt has chosen the short straw for the next dare, which is to do a moonie outside the Science room window, which Lisa thinks is a great idea.Matt is worried he'll get noticed and Lisa asks if that means he isn't going to do it and Matt is given a forfeit, which is eating stale food.Lisa is the daughter of Don West and Sally West and the older sister of Shona West.Lisa's best friends are Tom Smith, Matt Singleton, Cracker Bacon, Gemma Lyons and Tracy Long and her friends are Ray Haynes, Carl Fenton, Max Abassi, Ben Miller and Katy Fraser.

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