Looking for advice on dating who is melanie weisner dating

Now this would be a red flag, but she has messaged me saying "I told my friends that I'm seeing you", which does show investment.

We aren't seeing each other until at least 2 weeks later, so I want to ask, how should I go about this to maintain her interest?

But as we talked, her replies started getting less and less frequent. She recognized her slow responses and apologized at one point, giving an excuse about having a lot of errands to run.

Despite this, her recent replies have taken a full day or more.

Hoping we are clear with ourselves first what it is we want No one's going to give you grief over not kissing haha, at least I won't.

Every girl I ever dated in college I waited 4 dates to kiss them so you're ahead of the curve I'd say!

So, I asked her out on a second date and she enthusiastically agreed.

The mindset that I had going in was "This girl seems cool.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind settling into a relationship with her.

And if it appears that she's losing interest, what can I do to try and re-ignite it (without being able to meet her)?

Is she playing games to test me and how should I stop this behavior?

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