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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country lo country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Aa a fnrthur i^onivquci K-i' of thr Hattenlnii nt th* polif, iht Fig. On the banffi Mv, the furcv i-r (Tity mcnnaea •* we pan ^m the Id eilber pole, tu c Dtunqnencn of tliti rotation of the earth. lli« flaluniiifr of tht^ nit Ui ha, and it« lutnlioa, roacin- in producing an inrn'Htiii in tha bro M uf g Twvity Mlb« o Wrrvr Icavua th««4UBtoi and npprja^hi M b3 OUrf TATIOK AXIt Wl UCt TLAH ATTIUnl CIK. In lurge miuwi of liciuid*, lbs tarn of irratity •i Ti'K^in M that vl rahr'niiin.

Please do not assutne that a book's appearance in Google Book Search meatis it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Ilom-i^ liqnidi ai Med upon by the formi-r fiircc ha Te no sp Mtal ahapr ; tliey lake that ot the TPi^fl in irhii-h tbny arv eniilnjacd. T bund, niid liquids proa BDl k Xhvn thw »|idal form.

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Do not assume Ihat just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Mkuc BKiaur T or tax Ri.ahtic Porcs of Quam DL p BXai TBE OH Itotn BI in A IB. ni BHrtncri OK or Sftc XD MEiaciiuii Bd or rur Liiiu T. — Tbe irili'ii-'iiy nl" lb.- f Lirn- of ^/riivilr nt llir i-iirih'n .niifncp t* n Kidil)(nin|i of the aarth at it« polw, this i* no lonffcr «»i:lly, but only Tory m'ftrly true; and ih.- attnirtion fin an •rxl Aniiit point i* only rma Mtj iiiviir^'Iy »» the "i|ii8re of iti di-limce from (he vorth V Mnlm. Now aince a body in nuilion tonib by rea Mii Brti* to taovf in a straight linv, It follow* iliai to iiiah«i it uiinr« a, « (utcv nti Bt Iw uiiipli oitli*T polu. Ibe foi V4- in 'pro- ily by an inditpci action ofmn Tity, it appnan that the diniinu- Ihmtiy mndnvd Mill Inu a« tli« Uritude w gmttor. w Uch i» d«M to tl M •etioii of bunt, mrici wilk ibe iatv BMiv v^ tkis •^nt. ll M ibe m BUat rdktwn betwvou tbnv (orcm, tb forc L- iinck-r^pa llmt maoy o( tbe ]»op«rti M of bod)«* aro due, mc^ M tpnooitv, hnr\ln«u, sail diicl Uitr.I bare r«tainpd throof^ot tli« nse of ibe ocntigndo iht na oiogtar, ■4 in Kme caata liave exprawed thv luua Jtvr li Dunr mouarcii on tha Britrical af Mei B. Tn itfio ULi or a large impfw'oo of the Smodc I Editioo of tli« tmhticiii of Gaxot's Parfl Ci ia Dutinl/ due to iu incre Med adoption I m text-book in acboola and eo Ocges. In compound ^Mk Ni Hm I affintj opan U ri Mwltnaenualy, nthile ia Hinpio anon haa aloaa (o ba cc Midand. It ia mosl puwerfully vxcrted b_T a body in ita miiipo Mid, by the action of faa and nrtal.Tbaae wjtbeau am uuw ererywliiero gaining ground, •ad an apology t* ncarcclj needed fbr an innoration which aaj b«lp Id fami Uarise the Englt Wi Ntadunt with their nae in tba panual of rg«r and mom complele works on Phyncal Sdenet to which orit may serve aa nn introduction. The oltanttiaiui in (be preaent edtl Mo oompnae 57 page* of w Uiiioaal nwttcr, aad 49 now i Ui Htiatijoaa. Malao.— Tb« uolacular attraeiio D ox CTtod between bodioi in Mllrd im Umi W. If twnlnadan bullcta are cut akldft aa aa to form two «qaal and bri)clilly poliidini tatfuctm, tit f Kaa apa pre Mgd and lurnad aipunit tafb other until tlvy ilim O contact, thuj adhere m atmoirly a« to trquire a form lan 100 Krammnt lu aaparato tbem.Some parts, too, wluch the esperience of tcacbcn had ia JK iri^*^ as b«isg treated with loo great brevity have been nxpandcd. , liquid* wt K for alo D)r lime ivpini Bd as bdnf ftoinplnti-ly inefimp Teaaible. r Mearvhes haro bam mad* on ihi" Mibj*ct by Tarioiw pbyiiristx, whirh liavn h Ii'Iwti that liqti Mii Ut h-ally eompre Mible.TUi ia more eqceia Uj the coae with th« Book on Mechanics, tat • eoniplece reviaion of which the Editor ia indcbtod to hia oo Uc Rg^ne, fa Mwt. The appiualuii tiicd for meaiuri D); the compm Hiibility of liqulilf b« named the [lin Miiftrr (wiifai, I rominv**, ^par, measure). 47 in llie furui inveuled by Opnrtwl aa impni TMl HTMMMTATIC*.

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