Makita battery pack dating

For some reason he’s got heck of a lot of these cells on hand, at the end of the video he shows off a massive block of them that provides one half of a kilowatt-hour of power.

To complete the resurrection he removed the control circuitry from the integrated PCB.

When it comes to Batteries what we are looking for is runtime, power output and recharge time.

These three elements of a battery can make a big difference to your tools and the work you're doing.

If your Makita battery wont charge due to low voltage,sample way to fix it as below step by step: 1.

Jump starting the battery with a different charger like RC hobby battery charger.

The BL1850 5.0Ah Battery is designed easy slide-on mechanism for attaching to your tools.

The first cell in the demonstration battery reads zero volts and needs to be replaced.

Or call the salesman and he comes to your jobsite and takes care of problems.

Another way is that test and fix them by yourself, so here will share you some simple but more effective ways.

Our goal is to help everybody to save time, easy to find out a effective solution directly for Makita battery charger problems, therefore, please leave your comment on here if there is a better way, Thank you.

For Makita battery compatible, plug a not full charged compatible battery into Makita charger, it is charging if the charging light change frome green to red, otherwise incompatible with the charger.

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