Michael phelps dating carrie Sex chat with strange women

They began texting and calling one another while Michael was still in Beijing and have already made plans to get together in Nashville, near where Carrie lives.

Carrie suggested “a quiet dinner” as a first date, said the source.

She tells Elle magazine, "I swear on everything, on my job, on my house, my dog That's how serious I am.

It's all just a lie." And she's also addressing reports she still chats to her ex, Romo, over the phone: "It was just something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or to stir up anything, because I'm just not about drama.

Phelps is said to have heard that Underwood called him “cute” and that paved the way for the two to get in touch.

[Michael Phelps] is totally smitten with Carrie after her heard that she thought he was “cute,” say sources at the 2008 Olympics.

"I might be mad too if somebody said my boyfriend was calling some other girl.

It might not make a good first impression.’” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 9, 2008] That’s cute that he said he doesn’t want her to see him eat.

A relative has confirmed that the controversial Miss California has been dating Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, off and on, for the last few weeks.

Rumors began to swirl during an interview Prejean gave to last week.

LATEST: Country star Carrie Underwood has dismissed reports she's dating Olympic hero MICHAEL PHELPS.

The Before He Cheats singer, who previously dated Jessica Simpson's boyfriend Tony Romo, insists there's no truth in the latest romance reports.

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