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The recent development of the chemical Th-U-Pb method for in situ dating of monazite using an electron microprobe (EMP) has made it possible to determine multiple thermal events during orogenesis (e.g.Montel et al., 1996, Cocherie et al., 1998, Wil-liams et al., 1999).Hurtado, Jose, Chatterjee, Nilanjan, Ramezani, Jahandar, Hodges, Kip, and Bowring, Samuel.Electron Microprobe Chemical Dating of Uraninite as a Reconnaissance Tool for Leucogranite Geochronology.

By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.The strength of Ar-Ar dating lay in the stepped heating procedure (Turner, Miller and Grasty, 1966), applied with great success to extraterrestrial samples.The technique involves sequentially increasing the temperature (stepped heating) of a vacuum furnace into which the sample has been loaded.The electron microprobe work also reveals substantial chemical complexity within uraninite that must be taken into account.The analyzed crystal displays a texturally and chemically distinctive core and rim that suggests episodic growth.

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