Mobile chat taboo

Hence, it is important to increase and maintain a high engagement level among employees.

Hiring the right candidate with the right set of skills doesn’t suffice anymore.

Yet when they tested group chats, they found multiple cases in which certain keywords triggered a removal.

However, if they move outside China or change their phone numbers—for instance, Chinese students studying abroad—they are still subjected to the same censorship.The researchers also discovered that when We Chat censored a message, the sender received no notice informing him that his text had not reached the intended recipient.Sample screenshots show that Chinese users could not successfully send out texts reading “June 4th Student Democracy Movement” and “My birthday is June 4th. I am reading a book about democracy movements.”Jason Q.This is what drives employees to deliver better output and increase your profitability.In order to retain and motivate employees, L&D teams are using mobile-based platforms to deliver training as most employees are comfortable with mobile devices.

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