Motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

I'd like to add it to a script to record off the svideo input on a pvr-150 (so I can record off a camcorder with an icon on the desktop, for instance)Grey Foxx: hmm nice, i always wondered if it might be worth looking in to, when i get an apartment i've thought about doing that for any extra computers i get simply because its cheaper and a fun thing to setupin regards to my earlier issues with the mythweb problems, and the error about mysql, and php, rerunning dpg-reconfigure php4-mysql, and then restarting mysql and apache, resolved the issue. However, it does not do it automagically, I actually had to ssh into it and run mythcommflag. Would I be guessing right, if I assumed, since I ran the command in a screen session, without the "&" it will continue to commflag as the shows record.

In otherwords, If I leave it run, will it continue to work in the background?

the only thing you want to make sure of though, if you ever build a frontend only or slave backend box, you should make note of the mysql version you have installed, as they will most likely butt heads my primary desktop im playing alot of games lately, they dont run well/at all in cedega, so i reboot to windows...

i have been watching myth on my laptop on the same desk, but im kind of getting sick of iti'm trying to setup a dual head system...

55 # 56 # Mention all the relevant READMEs and HOWTOs in the help text.

57 # Make them file URLs relative to the top level of the source tree so 58 # that help browsers can turn them into hotlinks. 60 # 61 # Repetitions are fine since the help texts are not meant to be read 62 # in sequence.

just asking in case someone already did this , and if there are things that I should be carefull about I have a saa7134 card detected by FC5 , and then by Myth TV as Analog V4L Capture Card, says all the necesary info, wondering if I get audio via antena cable here ? What the script is, is a dialog-driven script that lets you dictate the basics, and then it will generate a script that you run so you don't have to remember whatever to run ./configure yourself.anyone experience this.

45 # 46 # Comments of the form "# Choice:" followed by a menu name are used 47 # internally by the maintainers' consistency-checking tools.

i've had the frontend crash before when in live tv (kernel ran out of memory and decided to get rid of something....) and the backend just kept on happily going onsphing: That's usually the result of RF interference--probalby at the time of the recording. If your electric cables are running too close to, or at the wrong angle in relation to, your coax or antenna, it can cause thatsphing: My video hardware doesn't quite output to my native resolution, either...

it's off by 2 horizontal pixels, which means that everything is dithered toward the outside edges.

The second binary package I built (where I just changed something really minor and unrelated) did *not* have this issue HD playback question folks, is there any setting in myth that we can modify where it will allow delay the playing of the recorded show for like 5 secs so that it can buffer more data? I can not get the remote to work whne I am viewing video through mplayer (eg: watching dvd rips throught mythvideo/dvd plugins), I have mplayer commands in ~/.mplayer/lircrc but still nothing.

The reason I ask this is because, sometimes, when I play HD, it jerks. it seems to me that lirc is detecting the "mplayer" frame or something.robbins876: do you have live tv recordings shown?

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