Natalia vodianova dating antoine arnault

Natalia remembers, “I was excited, but I was also afraid no one would pick me if I went. I was very defensive.” But she went to Moscow anyhow, only to be rejected by Viva, the agency she really wanted to join. On the weekends, she and her gang would hang out at a local club and dance all night.However, she was accepted by another, Madison, which offered to take care of her visa so she could go to Paris. But her grandmother pushed her to pursue a modeling career. ” Still her granddaughter would not get on the plane. “The plane ride to Paris was absolutely incredible,” she remembers. You got a little starter, then the main course, and then a little Camembert, a little dessert, a chocolate, and a piece of bread and butter.”The Girl from Nizhny Novgorod It did not take long for Natalia to break through to the fashion world big time. He was taking another girl there anyway and told Natalia she could just sit quietly in a corner. People kept popping their heads around the corner to get another look at the startling, unspoiled beauty.She was my idol.”At 15 Natalia came out of her cocoon. So, right before she turned 16, Natalia left home, moving into her own apartment, with a friend, the daughter of one of her mother’s competitors in the black-market fruit business. I loved my friends, and I loved going out.” Natalia’s boyfriend attended the local modeling school; he persuaded her to try it, too, and although he didn’t have much money, he put up the entrance fee for her, and she loved the experience. It’s not a nice feeling when someone looks at you that way—it reminded me of the fruit I was selling.

If my mother was someone I loved and adored, my grandmother was like a god to me. Even before she knew it, Natalia the model was born. Her mother had a new boyfriend in the house, whose behavior when he was drunk was “atrocious,” Natalia recalls.Instead, as Ingrid Sischy discovers, Vodianova’s past is a source of strength, passion, and purpose.‘Natalia does not tell you her story the way an American would,” says Bruce Weber, the photographer. With Natalia: it happened, it’s simple, and that’s the way it is.Just like the women in a Chekhov play, she has this extraordinary resilience.Her father joined the Russian Army, disappearing without a trace, only to reappear after her mother, Larisa, took up with another man; this brought home still more misery, and for a while Natalia and her mother were dispatched by Larisa’s parents to Ukraine.When Natalia’s grandfather checked in on the situation, he was absolutely horrified by what he saw: his granddaughter alone, in the dirt, eating with the geese.

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