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The user shouldn’t expect a plug n play scenario without some sort of focused effort from the user.

https:// Young Old/about/rules/Even the non-rule-breaking chat is mostly pointless. Everyone says they a chatroom, but from what I can see only a few people actually use it to chat. Pretty soon I’m going to be the older man in the young and old category and that’s starting to scare me As I am primarily attracted to men older than myself by 10-20 years.

Words and verbiage can illustrate anything, it’s how you present their dance to fuel the total illustration of yourself.

It’s not the fault of the app if you don’t take the time to utilize the technology properly, it’s your loss. Great App, seriously worthy if you feed it a balanced meal of who you are and whom you’re targeting in your life at this moment.

Never realized how important connection, closeness and touch was until recent months to year of exploring and being out there a little more.

Connection with an older man is something I've been craving my whole life, growing up with emotionally distant or unavailable surroundings, lacked a lot of guidance, and often feeling neglected of particular needs while growing up.

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We hooked up for the first time at a huge house party I had that was filled with other early- to mid-20s people. But he was handsome, and I knew from friends he was successful — at the time, anything above a yellow basement seemed really appealing. I still don’t understand how people make that kind of money — but at 21, I really didn’t. He indulged me by following Laura Dern around instead of looking at the gardens, which was definitely not the first time she had been stalked by gay men at a garden party.I lived in a cement basement that, for some reason, I had painted yellow. Afterward, we had wine with some of his straight friends. Twenty years after becoming successful, what did it feel like now?It truly was a bad-looking room, but we were both drunk, and I was too confident to know how insecure I was. They were cozy and nice to me, but there was obviously an air of “Why did my 50-year-old friend invite a 21-year-old to my home and expect me to treat him like a person? I gathered my information, came, and then went home to my basement.I don't really want to go through this search for a (new) daddy or GYO relationship that could possibly be more fulfilling, at least not right now, what I was experiencing was so great and the time just flew by. Maybe he'll come around, who knows as time passes. I am also realizing how much more of a person I have to become, I have to better myself in various aspects of life for myself, him, anybody really, I'm just faced with the pressures of this alone and not many to talk to.I feel compared to those who are hotter, have more money, have more life experiences, travels, and are living their best life already.

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