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It does so by recreating accommodation similar to your eye’s natural lens.

The unique Crystalens can reduce or eliminate glasses for most activities including: reading a book, working on the computer, and driving a car. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances.

To have such elders in a church is like having no elders at all.

Only those elders who are thorough, diligent, stable, concerned for others’ affairs, and trying their best to accommodate others will be able to manage a church.

I am not denying the importance of being spiritual, of which I have already spoken much.

But if you are really spiritual, yet you lack these few character traits, your spirituality is still useless, and it still amounts to nothing. If you are careless, it is the person who is careless.

Crystalens addresses the limitations of standard monofocal IOLs and multifocal IOLs by providing the following advantages to patients: The actual Crystalens is implanted utilizing a traditional small-incision cataract surgery procedure.

Dr John Baldinger uses the “no needles, no stitch, no patch” surgery technique, so you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

The Crystalens is designed to allow the optic, or the central circular part of the lens that you see through, to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you. Crystalens® is: Few patients with Crystalens have experienced problems with glare, halos and night vision.All enjoyed good intermediate vision one year after implantation, and 93.8% of patients surveyed said they could perform most daily activities without glasses.The Crystalens was the first presbyopia correcting IOL introduced into the United States market and is currently the only FDA-approved accommodating IOL.Reading glasses or bifocals are required to help the eye focus.This condition, which begins to affect most people in their forties, is called presbyopia.

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