Online dating advice forum updating a linksys router firmware

A sophisticated con artist will make you feel as though you want to give them money or other items of value without directly asking you.Those are the most dangerous of scammers to have in your life.

Don’t reveal too much personal information too quickly.

Even if your date’s credit card gets declined or if your date “forgot” to bring a credit card or sufficient cash, NEVER give your date cash.

Your date should have come prepared with enough cash in just in case the date’s credit card was declined.

Credit cards often are declined due to automatic fraud alerts that are triggered by credit card companies; eating at a new place that doesn’t fit “the pattern of spend” easily can trigger such a credit card “hold.” You may feel guilty, but pay your part of the meal, get up and LEAVE.

As an excuse, you can tell your date that you don’t have enough to pay for the full meal, and that you need to go to your bank’s ATM to withdraw cash. Does your date only allow you to call during working hours?

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