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[61] This system assesses whether a business operator handling personal information has taken appropriate measures to protect personal information and grants those who meet certain standards the right to display the Privacy Mark label in the course of their business activities.[62] The system provides incentives for business operators to gain social credibility.

A Privacy Mark conformity assessment body evaluates the business operator’s compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

If the applicant conducts any other business, the minister also considers whether that other business would impede the applicant’s fairness in terms of the proper handling of personal information.[47] An Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization must issue personal information protection guidelines concerning the specification of the purpose of utilization, security control measures, procedures for complying with individuals’ requests, and other matters.[48] For example, regarding the Internet business, the Internet Association Japan issued Personal Information Guidelines on Electronic Network Management in 1994, and updated this document after the APPI was enacted.[49] A data subject may file a complaint about the handling of personal information by a business operator with an Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization if the business operator is a member of the Organization.For example, the Guidelines on the Act on Protection of Personal Information in the Areas of Economy and Industry list examples of four types of measures: organizational measures, employee management, physical management, and technical measures.[24] As computer and network security measures, it recommends control over data access, such as the number of people who can access data at the same time, and blocking any access outside of business hours.Japan has other personal information protection laws that apply to the government and public organizations.The APPI does not provide the details of personal information protection, but establishes basic rules.

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