Online dating haiku

2, covering the poems we published between 20 here on the blog – so we’ll keep you informed about that.We also have some plans to start a different journal, more suitable to our time constraints.It’s been an amazing experience for us, running the journal and getting to read so many excellent haiku, tanka and senryu over the years.We have had so many amazing poets contribute to the journal, and if you are one of these poets we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Although the online journal is closing down, we still have related projects and Haiku News will stay active through its Face Book page and occasionally here on the blog too.

Of the poems here, in my top five, this might in fact be the best poem qua poem, but I'm not sure how amenable Julia might be to the rolling up of a fat one on the first date.As well as this, we have plans to do some writing and publishing around haiku theory and translations.And within all these projects we hope to keep to the Haiku News ethos of publishing and writing poetry committed to social and political critique.The 'shaft,' on the other hand, gets the most focus, and is in fact the last word mentioned in the poem.I'm trying to think of a Robert Frost poem that ends with reference to Robert Frost's own equipment, but I can't, which is maybe a criticism of Frost more than our poet here." "In this haiku, the poet establishes his relaxed nature right away, in that smooth 'what's up,' but he balances the chill tonality with a super-specific image: He invites Julia to smoke a joint and watch the rain.

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