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Led by Dating Coach Laura Richer, The Richer Love Program is a 12-week intensive that will teach you how to attract the love you really want … We’ll take you from hating dating, attracting all the wrong guys, and letting your alpha energy block the right guys to releasing all the baggage, softening around the edges, and opening up to love.

Although the mind may drift, you should still be able to hear everything that is being said to you during the session.5. Hypnotherapy is not meant to replace medical care; rather, it is a self-improvement tool to enhance the healing process.

Even though it wasn’t the healthiest of practices, I threw myself back into dating unhealed and unprepared, because my natural instinct was to repeat that same pattern once again.

Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit and then a minimum of 3-6 weekly, consecutive sessions to yield the best results.3. It’s important to remember hypnosis is a willing state.

You cannot be hypnotized against your will, and working with a hypnotherapist is a co-creative process.

#2 Become crystal clear on exactly who you want so that you stop accepting anything less (like men you feel you need to “fix” or “save”).

#3 Fall in love with your life and yourself so that attracting your ideal partner happens naturally, instead of feeling like you’re desperately forcing it to happen.

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