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Findings of these chats will not be archived, but summarized and shared as appropriate, without using names or locations to protect the privacy of the participants.

: The next Lived Experience (typed) Chat will be September 10, 2019, at – 8pm.

The public chat rooms are promoting live shows and live activities.

and the best feature that I like is no saving of chat.

The questions they have proposed are: "If your spouse/parent needed to go somewhere for several months to receive care, (either in hospital, short term respite, Providence Care, or a special unit treating those living with responsive behaviours), What would be your greatest anxieties? ” December 2014 Topic: This month we will be talking about one of the six findings from our 2014 Lived Experience Conversations project: Dignity, the ways you have seen it displayed and not displayed in your dementia journey and why it matters?

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Come prepared to share what you think would be helpful for doctors and their staff to know about people with dementia and their partners in care.

I have made every effort to keep this as simple and user friendly as possible.

You may use your real name or a nick name if you prefer to be anonymous. We also invite you to leave your comments on our discussion boards at

What are some positive examples or alternatives that you would prefer? " comes from an advisory meeting conversation with the Kingston Alzheimer Society. ) Come prepared to share your stories about how you feel about this issue and suggestions for how this "gap" could be improved.

" February 2015 Topic: This month our topic comes from one of the Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants: “Based on your lived experience moving through the health care system, How Can Transitions be Improved? Where are some of the key areas and situations where disagreements arise? Several participants, living with dementia, expressed concern that although they feel supported and informed in their current situation, they did not feel informed or equipped for things that lay ahead. May 2015 Topic: Our topic was: Please share what situations, policies and practices have made you and your family member/friend living with dementia feel very supported.

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