Orange amplifier dating

Although it is outfitted with four EL 84’s, its no AC-30. Later on Peavey, through its dealers, started selling Russian (Sovtek) tubes as replacements, but these tubes biased a lot cooler then the Chinese ones did.

And unlike many other EL 84 combos the Delta is not cathode biased, so when you change tubes the amp must be rebased. Also if you want the amp to sound good all night long, have a tech install a fan to cool off those overworked power tubes.

If you are a want to be amp tech looking for his or her first project try a Traynor.

#5: Peavey Classic 50 (4×10) New about 0, used from 0 to 0 Another Peavey standard bearer amp for sure.

This amp was used by BB King for many years and it sounded great.

I dunno I think this amp could actually live up to its name.

#6: Vox AC-30CC New w/ Al Ni Co Blues 00, std model 00 The amp I am recommending is the currently available Chinese made Vox AC-30 combo with the Al Ni Co Blue Celestions in the 2×12 configuration with a street price of about 00.

They are built like a Sherman tank, have very high quality transformers, and the quality of the handwiring rivals any era Fender.

The Bass Master series of Traynor heads are going up in value, but they are very, very close to being JTM45 clones, which we all know are pretty much 59 Bassman copies. Online right now you can find many hardwired Traynors for under 0, some as low as 0.

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