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Burner phones, on the other hand, do not have this ability, therefore your data remains safe.Unlike carriers, they have no interest in collecting your data for any reason whatsoever.

It is quite possibly the cheapest version of a cell phone that you can rightfully own.As mentioned before, burner phones can be a very beneficial addition to your personal or business technology stack, so let’s review what the benefits actually are.Anonymity and Privacy Your personal data and information are generally safe and protected (in many cases not even logged at all).We don’t support the act of organized crime, because one, you shouldn’t be a jerk, and two, it’s illegal.But we do support the use of burner phones for a range of other use cases, none of which involve crime or anything particularly “shady”. A burner phone can be either an app or a standalone phone that allows you to create a temporary, or unidentifiable phone number that can’t easily be traced back to you as a person.

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