Physical boundaries in christian dating

We still kept our boundaries in regards to unhealthy touching and we waited until we were married. I knew I had a couple Christian brothers I had to update each month about how we were doing and receive prayer from. The purpose of an accountability partner isn’t to be policed, but rather to pray for one another and keep each other’s head on straight. Make sure not to get a partner who is struggling with his/her purity or is disinterested. Apply that wisdom to your relationship and avoid beds together until you’re married. Avoid closed doors and solitary homes/apartments/dorm rooms.

Show respect to yourself and at least reserve such physical affection for a committed relationship.

Our first kiss was after I proposed to Sky, and I actually have video footage of my proposal below.

You’ll have to skip through (or just watch) a short picture slideshow at the beginning to get it.

When we broke up after just dating for six weeks I recognized it was God’s grace that things didn’t work out for us, because if our relationship had kept together much longer I would have lost my will power to hold back and would have crossed my boundaries…

and I knew once one line was crossed that I wouldn’t be able to stop.

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