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"We're working right now to create the best sexual assault policy that we can, and then there would be consideration about the necessity for ...

a policy that addresses professor and faculty and student relationships," said Sara-Jane Finlay, UBC's associate vice-president for equity and inclusion.

Teachers using their classes like dating bars is actual harm.

Then the commenter stops numbering, but keep pulling out rationalizations and over-generalizations. If so, that’s scary, since he seems to be disputing the principle of law, which is all about regulating human instincts.

Creating a situation that calls into question the professor’s objectivity is actual harm.Students, all students, must be off-limits as romantic partners for professors and administrators in universities, regardless of what rules are in place.Professors who date students risk their jobs because a student body is not their sexual smorgasbord, and it is a breach of trust and duty to treat it like one.Dating a student is a professional breach of trust, and one that adversely effects the integrity of the entire educational institution….The created when a supervisor/manager/leader indulges in intimate relations with someone over whom they have authority, status and power—and every professor has authority over every student, in class or out— undermines the institution and the profession, by sending the false message that such relationships are standard, approved, and implicitly desirable in the culture where they occur…A professor has a potential teacher-student relationship with Dating a student who happens not to be in one of those classes is what lawyers call “a distinction without a difference.” Many students and professors will reasonably assume that the pairing arose out of the student-teacher relationship, and in some ways it almost certainly did.

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