Rachel pregnant and dating good dating conversation questions

for anybody that grew up in the 90s, “Ross and Rachel” actually became a phrase used to describe people who were engaged in a long-term off again on again relationship.You know who we’re talking about, the couple that are absolutely terrible together, fight the entire time, and ruin the night out for everyone...Monica plans a surprise birthday party for Rachel when accidentally both Rachel’s mother and father get invited to the wedding.

No, nothing happened between them, but come on Ross, there are just some things you do not do! Well, not really, this is still really uncomfortable for all involved.

One sees Phoebe kissing Ross, and the other, perhaps most surprisingly, sees Chandler and Rachel about to make music together.

All of this occurred before Chandler and Rachel had been formally introduced in the first episode, which makes no sense. The only problem is that Rachel tells Phoebe this, defending her betrayal of confidentiality by saying that “girls tell each other everything!

When Ross starts dating one of his students, the time comes for him to meet her father Paul.

Paul, knowing that Ross is his daughter’s professors, is less than enamored with him.

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