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The only thing that suffers more physical abuse than your i Phone is the charging cable you leave dangling off the wall in your bedroom.

Malfunctioning power cords are dangerous for any electronic device -- they can insert a negative charge that causes harm to the phone.

We’re all guilty of charging our smartphone overnight while sleeping.

Here’s the thing though: keeping it plugged in after 100% degrades your battery life.

It preserves juice by automatically turning off after a set time.But updating your i Phone can be the radical solution that prevents your device from crashing frequently or running slow.Not to mention the latest round of i OS features tend to improve system performance and security.Android more so than i OS, but that’s not to say your i Phone can’t become infected. Apple’s already gone on record warning consumers that using non-Apple power adapters and USB cables can lead to safety issues such as burns and electrocutions.Be it an app, suspicious web domains (aka porn sites), or random Whatsapp messages -- malware can strike and unleash a bug programmed to destroy the operating system. UK repair company mendmyi even claims these accessories might ruin the U2 IC chip on the logic board -- ruining the device's ability to boot up or charge past 1% after the battery dies. We get it -- after years of incessant pop-up alerts asking you to update i Tunes, you're pretty much oblivious to any and all i OS system upgrades.

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