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My data analysis explores how sexual history affects marital happiness, measured with a variable that contrasts very happy marriages with all others.

Overall, 64% of respondents report very happy marriages (only about 3% say their marriages aren’t too happy; the balance have “pretty happy” unions).

Table 2 shows how men’s sexual biographies affect their marital happiness.

As for women, men who report only one sexual partner in their lifetime are more likely to report very happy marriages.

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The lowest odds of marital happiness, 52% in the baseline model, accord to women who’ve had six-to-10 lifetime sexual partners.

Marital happiness and divorce aren’t always as intertwined as they might seem.

A clarifying example is the family demography of the Great Depression.

The current post extends this research by examining the relationship between premarital sex partners and marital happiness.

The obvious prediction for many IFS blog readers may well be that multiple premarital sex partners leads to unhappy marriages, but the relationship probably isn’t that clear-cut.

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