Rewritten contract backdating

ASFA’s single document rule provides that the total cost and terms of payment of a sale must be set forth in one document – the retail installment sale contract.

The Raceway plaintiffs contended that one would be required to resort to three documents – the first contract, the Acknowledgment of Rewritten Contract, and the second contract – to ascertain a sale’s total cost and terms of payment.

This should cover the majority of cases that come across corporate counsel’s desk.

For those instances where a document is intended to take effect retroactively, you should: This entry was posted on March 6, 2009 at am and is filed under Uncategorized.

While state lemon laws and federal warranty laws offer legal remedies to many consumers, there are situations where our law firm will use other consumer protection laws.

While many car dealers and salespeople are honest and ethical, the auto sales industry reputation for high-pressure sales and shady tactics is not entirely undeserved.

Ken Stern’s extensive experience handling vehicle fraud and lemon law claims furnish aggrieved vehicle owners with the resources, expertise, and experience to take on large auto retailer and vehicle manufacturers.

The Court considered the construction of the whole policy and held that the exclusion clause took effect on the backdated date chosen by the parties.

The company attempted to impede the unionization by hiring additional employees that were against the union.

Stern Law, PLLC is committed to protecting consumers from sharp and deceptive practices involving auto purchases and financing.

Depending on the precise type of auto fraud, you might have a valid legal claim against automakers, service contract companies, car dealerships, finance companies, and extended warranty companies.

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