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After Damien Darhk stormed the campaign holiday party, Alex held off the press and police for Oliver.When Thea began losing control of her bloodlust, she met with Alex and tried to break things off with him.This is a list of characters appearing on the 1978–1991 American television series Dallas. Med-school student, and later doctor, who was proud of his humble beginnings. Separated from her, then returned to Dallas to take her back to Atlanta in November 1988. After they had two one night stands, Lucy called the relationship off and started avoiding Roger out of fear of his intensity and his growing obsession with her. a variance to pump out oil at full capacity, Driscoll went on a long holiday to avoid the political fallout, during which the OLM was disbanded and replaced with the Texas Energy Commission (TEC). After the biggest shipment of oil to Cuba was thwarted by Bobby and Ray, a disastrous chain of events followed, resulting in Driscoll committing suicide after a failed attempt to kill J. instead resulted in the paralysis of Mickey Trotter from the neck down. at the University of Texas, became involved with him, and she was unable to have children because of the "botched abortion" she had when he abandoned her. Based in Venezuela before coming to Dallas after meeting Michelle Stevens at a resort in the Bahamas and learning what J. During its 14 seasons on air, the show featured 21 regular cast members, portraying twenty characters (as the character of Miss Ellie was recast for season eight). Came to Sue Ellen's aid again when she was institutionalized by J. European royalty and vengeful woman who had an affair with Atticus Ward, producing her son, Dusty Farlow. Roger later kidnapped and raped Lucy, before she was rescued by Bobby and Pam. Driscoll later reemerged as a shipping tycoon involved in the illegal shipping of oil to Cuba, a scheme which J. Pamela's boyfriend/fiancé after her first divorce from Bobby, whom Pam vows to marry due to his contraction of a rare type of leukemia which leaves him with months to live. Married Rebecca in the 1940s, and had 4 children (2 of whom died in infancy). Tried to kill Pamela Ewing but accidentally ran down Bobby, 1985. Ambitious, slinky, conniving younger sister of Sue Ellen who had affairs with Rudy Millington, Vaughn Leland, Jordan Lee and J. USC student with an interest in architecture, which she used to her advantage as she pursued Bobby Ewing. Visited Dallas at the time of John Ross Ewing's birth, then returned to Dallas in 1985 when Sue Ellen was institutionalized by J. He claimed that while he didn't find a cure for his leukemia, he was in remission. Grace was later killed by Angelica while still on the island of Martinique. Calhoun is eventually shot dead by Bobby and Ray in California.

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When Oliver was forced by Damien Darhk to drop out of the mayoral race, Alex was disappointed as he knew that Oliver had a big shot at winning and they'd worked so hard to get that far.However, Alex reminded Thea of how strong she was in face of so many tragedies, which convinced her to stay with him. Oliver instantly appeared, much to Alex's surprise, and joked that he used a secret elevator to get there so fast.Alex revealed that another candidate, Ruvé Adams, was about to wage a rival mayoral campaign against him.Alex organized a speech at the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Gala for Oliver to give in order to help gain the support of the SCPD for his campaign.He also advised against Oliver's idea for a bay cleanup program since he believed it wouldn't attract voters.

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