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She has taken almost every class at TJ Dance as well as attended many workshops with dancers from all over.She loves all the classes here but favors tap the most.Aunt Flo opened another studio so Jayne's dance training hardly missed a beat!Throughout her many years of dancing, Jayne was lucky enough to dance with Al Gilbert, Luigi and other local teachers that became legends (in Hollywood).Chelsea is Jayne’s daughter and has grown up dancing her entire life.

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She learned tons of leadership and hard teamwork does pay off, as they were in the top three teams in the state of Washington that year.She studied ballet, character and later pointe until the age of 15. Peg moved to Seattle in 1969 and while attending the University of Washington, took ballet classes with Hannah Wiley (classes were at AM!She also attended summer classes at The Novikov Ballet School and Lois Rathvons Dance Studio. ) She then took a few years off from dance training to raise a family.Jayne also believes in keeping dancers strong and flexible because she truly believes that strength is grace!"Dance" expresses what we are from the inside - out.

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