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Huang recruited members of the group through posts on his blog. “All people thought this was a mission impossible at the beginning, but at the end only one person fell behind.” Huang says.

What works wonders in these groups–making a commitment to someone else and incurring a cash penalty–has been proven by behavioral scientists to be effective.

One missed post or late submission and the money is distributed to everyone else.

Participants who survive the sprint get their deposit back.

This shows that Chinese censors continue to be primarily concerned with larger-scale discussion of sensitive issues, and are willing to tolerate small outbursts of criticism between individuals.

That may be because they think it is not worth the effort to censor everything, or that individual complaints don’t pose a real threat to the Communist Party system, or that they think small-scale protests are a useful release valve for discontent. Here is the full list of terms Citizen Lab has found to be blocked on We Chat, as of March 2017.

By attempting to send messages with text related to the crackdown and the lawyers affected, Citizen Lab found that politically sensitive material simply does not get sent on We Chat at all.

We Chat is a popular social media app developed by the Chinese company Tencent that combines instant messaging, online publishing and mobile payments.

We Chat users already keep in touch with family and friends, make businesses deals, and shop online with the app.

In China, you can use We Chat for just about everything—sending messages, transferring money, ordering a taxi, reading the news, even doing your laundry.

But there is one thing that We Chat won’t let you do: discuss politically sensitive topics in a group.

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